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Welcome to Laziali nel Mondo!

Laziali nel Mondo is a non-profit, non-political association organized to promote activities in the field of Italian culture and language and to keep the respect for the Italian heritage strong in the capital district of New York.

 If you have a passion for everything that is Italian, then this is the association for you! Our members share a common mission which is showcasing the importance and the dignity of the wonderful contributions that Italy has made and continues to offer to the world.

 We invite you to frequently visit this website and to attend our meetings or our exciting cultural events. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about the organization and how you can join.

"Check our Events Calendar Page for complete details"

Laziali nel Mondo is a non-profit, non-political association organizaed to ptomote activities in the field of Italian culture. Laziali nel Mondo offers classes in Italian language and "Cucina Italiana", art exhibitions, musical programs, italian films, sporting events, fashion programs, furthering commercial exchanges and sponsoring visiting students.